Shadow of the Colossus – Poster Design

Alternate Version

To post something I’ve created after so long away feels a little strange. There’s part excitement about that fresh canvas feel and a chance to create something from nothing and part fear that perhaps I couldn’t do it again.

Originally intended as an entry to the PlayStation competition on Twitter tagged as #ColossusArt (seriously check out the entrants, amazing work) my stupidity saw me join this a little to late and therefore not complete something that was satisfactory for the deadline.

But no matter, the competition lit a spark under me and I decided to see this one through. As with most creations, I start out slow. I usually can’t see where I’m heading and I’m constantly doubting myself. The majority of the time, I’ll keep pushing through regardless and eventually I’ll get to a stage where I think “I can work with this”. This project in particular showed me how enjoyable it can be to get back into creating just for fun again.

I have to give credit to my Creative Mondays project that I started on November 8th 2011. On almost every one of those pieces I have experienced that same feeling of doubt and eventual drive to continue and once you recognise that feeling, you then know how to work with it. The fear can be managed.

So without going too deep into my psyche, I’m not sure where this leaves me now. I don’t believe I’ll continue with Creative Mondays, that had its place and helped me but perhaps it will be time to focus on more meaningful, dedicated projects. Ones that won’t necessarily take a day to create but will allow me to use what I’ve learnt over the years and apply to something bigger.

I want to keep the creative process alive, and this will still be the place to showcase it.

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