Creative Mondays 187 – Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman inspired poster design

“What is Creative Mondays?

Monday’s are always a drag. The start of a new week, you have to go back to that routine of going to bed early/get up early. If (like me) you have to commute then you prepare for that long journey into work and that long journey back for the first time after a nice two day break.

So to kick off those lousy Mondays, I’m going to get my creative mind flowing in a positive way. Creative Mondays. A chance for me to show off something unfinished or finished that I’ve been working on throughout the previous week.”

With San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up for another year, the newest, hottest trailers were bestowed upon the viewing public and fans alike. Like with the Ant-Man trailer I discussed in last week’s post, the first Batman v Superman trailer released did nothing to whet my appetite and I could have easily passed on the film. Thankfully Comic-Con trailer put something out there (if not maybe a little too much) that intrigued me.

I’m loving the metal bat suit and the more I see of Affleck in the Bruce Wayne/Batman role the more I like. Here’s hoping the film delivers!

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