Creative Mondays 84 – Hot Out There

Hot in here graphic design

“What is Creative Mondays?

Monday’s are always a drag. The start of a new week, you have to go back to that routine of going to bed early/get up early. If (like me) you have to commute then you prepare for that long journey into work and that long journey back for the first time after a nice two day break.

So to kick off those lousy Mondays, I’m going to get my creative mind flowing in a positive way. Creative Mondays. A chance for me to show off something unfinished or finished that I’ve been working on throughout the previous week.”

The sun has stayed around for another week and so inspires another Creative Mondays! The heat soared over the weekend and reached the mighty 30 degrees mark. I’m fairly certain Plymouth (and the rest of the UK for that matter) are starting to get that melting sensation as the heatwave continues. Not that I’m complaining though, keep this summer weather coming!

This piece was created from a photo I took on my iPhone 4s.

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