Halo 4 Poster

Haloe 4 Poster Design

Video game fans unite! Master Chief is back but this time he faces a new enemy! It’s safe to say there’s been some anticipation for the latest Halo game as it’s effectively changed owners. The previous developers Bungie have given way to 343 Studios to create what is in effect part one of another trilogy of Halo games featuring that ‘never been seen hero’ the Master Chief.

I’ve been looking forward to releasing this poster design for a while now and I figured the official release day would be a great time show her off! Part photo-manipulation, part illustration part Photoshop creation, this poster combined some interesting elements to get to its final stage. Rest assured all the aspects of the design have been effectively created by myself. I took the photo of the Master Chief toy and simply edited him to create a more ‘Halo 4 contemporary’ helmet. I’ll be posting some work-in-progress shots at a later time.

So I hope you enjoy this little creation and if you’re online I look forward to throwing a few sticky grenades your way!

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