15 Avatar Inspired Photo Manipulations

Ever since Avatar came out I’ve been fascinated with the world and characters created by James Cameron. The story was by no means the strongest but the art and design of the film was some of the best I’ve seen for a while. As a designer/artist if there’s something that really catches my eye I’m immediately inspired and usually have to re-create something myself and what better test subject than… myself.

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Visa ‘Life Flows Better’ Campaign Takes You to the World Cup.

Visa has launched a campaign to celebrate its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup. Using the ‘life flows better’ strapline an obviously unfit man makes his way through various locations around the world and progresses to score a goal at what I can assume is the World Cup.

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Flickr Groups: Thing A Week

When I first started this site almost a year ago the platform I’d use primarily to show off my work (and others) was DeviantArt. There’s a huge community and a fantastically diverse gallery displaying thousands of works of art from users around the world. Unfortunately I’ve never really felt apart of that collective group of artists and I suppose you could say that for me, DeviantArt felt ‘too big’.

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20 Inspiring Animal Logos

Not long ago I started a project that involved using an animal as a logo. As with most projects I decided to do some research and gain some inspiration from other animal-like logos. There are a ton of resources scattered all over the web when it comes to logo designs and I’m sure there’s many more logos that I’ve missed but I wanted to share 20 great logos that brought me some inspiration!

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