Creative Mondays 209 – Photos from Los Santos Vol. 7

“What is Creative Mondays?

Monday’s are always a drag. The start of a new week, you have to go back to that routine of going to bed early/get up early. If (like me) you have to commute then you prepare for that long journey into work and that long journey back for the first time after a nice two day break.

So to kick off those lousy Mondays, I’m going to get my creative mind flowing in a positive way. Creative Mondays. A chance for me to show off something unfinished or finished that I’ve been working on throughout the previous week.”

I usually save up my GTA V photos for another moment but seeing as it’s a nice relaxing Monday over the Christmas break I figured I’d add my next set today. For the past few years Rockstar announce that it will snow in the virtual world of Los Santos over Christmas and New Year and every year I miss out. Determined to discover the elusive snow, I found some time last week to stroll around and snap a few shots. The snowfall provides a different look to the game environment and areas that you might not have found interesting present themselves in a new light!

So here’s a few quick shots I managed to take:

GTA V Winter Wonderland

GTA V Lighthouse

GTA V Mountain Range

GTA V Under the bridge

GTA V Drivin' Home

GTA V Winter Walk

Snowy Road

Mount Chiliad in snow

GTA V Christmas Elf


Photos from Los Santos Vol. 6

Another collection from my travels in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. While browsing through my shots, I noticed a consistency within the game. Everyone is either smoking or on a phone/tablet device! Here’s the collection of smokers or smoking things I happened to stumble upon recently!


Photos from Los Santos Vol. 5

Chilia Between the Trees

Buying a new console and purchasing the same video game might sound a little odd, especially as that game is only a year old. Grand Theft Auto 5 on the other hand is no ordinary game. During that year it’s managed to keep my attention and much more. My photography collection from within the game is a perfect example of just how much there is to experience. Now we have the updated versions and of course a much more detailed world to observe. These are my first shots from the Xbox One but I’m hoping to continue the series.

Abandoned Car

Flight Path

Speed Limit 50

Hill Valley Church


Liquor Store


Photos from Los Santos Vol. 4

Muscle Car View

It’s been a while since my last GTA V photo shoot so I figured I’d pick up the “digital camera” and scout out some new locales around Los Santos and the surrounding areas. It’s funny how true to real photography some of the methods needed to capture a decent photo. Sometimes you’ll catch a moment unexpectedly but you can’t always rush a shot, it takes a bit of patience and timing to find the right composition and occasionally a setting that you feel fits perfect as a photo just doesn’t translate on screen.

Sunset Trees

Farm Silos

Mountain Sun

Gas Station Sign

Homeless Smoker 1

Homeless Smoker 2

Drive N Surf


Dawn on the Bridge

Photos from Los Santos Vol. 3

GTA Santa

Over the holiday break I managed to jump back into the world of GTA V and rack up a few hours of gameplay. So much so that I filled the allotted space for online photos in the game. Basically I take way too many photos in Los Santos. So I present Volume Three of this series before I have to sift through the remaining shots and delete them!

Crescent Moon

Dinka Akuma

Templar Hotel

Gas Station

Vinewood Plaza

Gant Bridge

Moon in flight

Alone on the mountain