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Earth Poster

Mother Earth. Ain’t she a beaut? ‘Home’ is my third in my Wonders of the Universe inspired poster set and this one was so much fun to create. It was great to build up the layers of the blue planet and slowly see the world take shape as each section was added. To see the planet from space must be something else and being shown The Blue Marble photo taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 mission as a child was just awe inspiring. Simply put, there’s nothing like it and it fascinates me to think that we’re all there right now floating along on that tiny rock we call Earth.

I’m hopefully back in the swing of things with this series and I want to make a start with the rest to complete the set.

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    1. Thanks man! I’ve had many a great conversation trying to comprehend what’s out there or how the universe can go on forever but can never wrap my head around it. The great unknown! 🙂

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